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Elder Edward Ravenwood, and his daughter Briony, stepped forward to claim the lands that Aslindale held in their southern region when Anstarra was divided into several provinces. The politics were heated, with Aslindale not wishing to lose such valuable land, but met with pressure from their neighbor Nygaard. This has always been a sticking point between the two provinces.

Tolbury is a land of people known for their love of tales. Stories are spun for all ages - from children to the elders. Scribes travel to the cities and countryside to record all that they hear and fill the White Stone Library with hundreds of scrolls.

Once a year, at the Lake before the first snowfall, a feast is had for all clans to enjoy. Each clan is expected to put forward their best story or song, as well as offer their finest barrel of mead. For the feast, hunting parties are sent into the hills a week earlier; this is seen as a ‘friendly’ contest, especially between the archers. Sacks of little rock hens, quick and camouflaged when alive, are brought for the counting by the trusted eldest son of the Daimlin clan.

Not all is fun and festive in the province, though, due to the acceptance of duels. Many nobles refuse to fight, having a second to fill in for them (and die for them if need be). One must be careful to not insult a petty Lord or Lady for the price can be one’s suffering or life. The Daimlin clan is a proud, wealthy family at it's core, and is known for their excellently trained hired duelers. This has kept them rarely challenged giving the family security in their well-respected wool textile business.

The Ravenwood clan, on the other hand, is steeped in old mystical traditions, and also controls a large percentage of the businesses and land in Tolbury. Duchess Miranda of Ravenwood has recently passed away after ceremoniously handing the mantle of Duchess over to her fourth daughter, Lady Anne of Standing Stone Lake. Nineteen years earlier, her marriage was arranged with Lord Saffri Cesari of Rhodania.

The two provinces, being middle lands, feared that they would be forever invaded and weakened by larger neighbors. Small quick ships, expertly crafted by Tolbury, were traded for items unknown from the Wild Folk of Rhodania’s Phantom Swamp. Even the best of Sabrinn spies have been unable to uncover details of the trade. Many dealings with the ruling Ravenwood family tend to be shrouded in secrets.

Tolbury is home to Dragonclaw Elite Guard, headed by Commander Feryx Fallon and Lady Amalie Iken. Lady Iken is married to Lord Ambrose Aldritch, the second eldest child in the ruling family of Rebarteau.


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