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Sabrinn is separated from the rest of Anstarra by deep woods, including the dangerous (and feared) Forest of Bones.


It is well known that Sabrinn is a haven for not only gypsies, but also a variety of criminals and dark magic weavers. The gypsies are divided among seven families, both by blood and by vow, who have rejected their mistreatment in other provinces throughout the century. They farm, are excellent tinkerers, and most of all ... are performers. They are often unable, or unwilling, to pay the sizable taxes demanded by local rulers. Self-sufficient, many travel away from their caravan village within the Bone Forest to sell what the large port city of Sedovia has to offer. Silks, pearls, unusual weapons and strange potions make their way to the furthest reaches of Anstarra. Some even say the gypsies unknowingly carry lost artifacts and strange weapons from Azgharad soldiers who warred throughout the eastern region.


There is a lack of nobility in Sabrinn due to Duchess Sorina the Fair announcing twenty years ago that pearls are not favored over oysters in her humble court. There is however a self-appointed "Council" of business folk and prominent villagers that have influence within the small castle of the Duchess and her family.  Even Duke Andrei the Vigilant has no desire to have more than three children, the first of which is traveling on the open sea with a pair of warships.  All citizens of Sabrinn are invited to join the naval fleet or a royal fishing vessel for welcome compensation.


Other notable citizens of Sabrinn are pirates who scavenge the coast and sea. They enjoy their ability to travel without harassment, though they do have to pay their respects seasonally to the royal house and various blind city guards. It isn’t as though anarchy runs rampant through the province - there are plenty of guards that the Council has dispatched to make judgements on the fly and rules to enforce. It’s just that people who live by the sword, will die by the sword. Each citizen has the freedom to choose to be at peace with those around him or her, or they can choose to pick a fight. The guards exist to protect the weak and innocent, and to right real wrongs, not to interfere with foolish brawls between dock workers and rowdy ship crews.

Recent History

Two years ago, the Duchess and Duke of Sabrinn, who are typically quiet and carefree, closed their western border. To enforce this, a band of gypsies remained along the river separating Nygaard and Sabrinn, spreading rumors that the Bone Forest had become infested with beasts, so-called "whispering shadows", that penetrated the minds of travelers.

Nygaard lost many people, both official scouts sent from the royal family to adventurers who thought they could bring the heads of beasts home as trophies. No one ever saw those who entered the Bone Forest again. It wasn’t merely a gypsy illusion as originally thought. Those west of Nygaard have always had problems with entering Sabrinn, except through the southern corridor that always had issues with opportunistic thieves. The wonderful and colorful merchandise crafted in the eastern provinces or acquired by pirates, was traded for with difficulty. A few merchants did travel out of Sabrinn, but they would not speak of anything being wrong. Many thought that the Duchess and Duke had fallen ill, or were poisoned by their Council of Twelve. The Council has more say, and have their fingers in every pie. It’s whispered that they control not only the pirate ships, but also a spy network that has infiltrated every noble court. Perhaps they heard something and needed to push away from the western provinces.  Perhaps they were all driven mad from a plague as the Seers of Aslindale have whispered.



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