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Rules of Play

Anstarra has 8 basic rules you must know. For easy memorization, each one coincides with a letter in the word A-N-S-T-A-R-R-A.

Click here for a one-page printable version (pdf).

1. Always play safe

  • No combat indoors or on stairs. Call "timeout" if necessary.

2. Never stop playing (except for safety)

  • Discuss rules or problems privately with game staff.  

3. Spells and special effects use cards

  • Follow directions on cards handed to you.

4. Treasure is kept in pouches

  • You don’t need to “search” bodies.
5. All solid unblocked weapon hits are wounds
  • Except head, neck, hands, feet and groin.

6. Receiving a limb wound disables that limb

  • You may not use that limb until healed.

7. Receiving a torso wound knocks you out

  • You die in about five minutes if not healed.

8. After dying, you become a spirit

  • Spirits may not talk, and must go meet with Death.

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