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  • Cullock
  • Dunbar
  • Gunter
  • Iliana
  • Marduk
  • Phaetra
  • Revelin
  • Shinarra
  • Tallus
  • Thurll
  • Trantock
  • Treste
  • Zenitram



The Gods

The primary gods worshipped in Anstarra:

Cullock – God of Weather, Storms, Thunder, Justice
Dunbar – God of Wine and Spirits
Gunter – God of War, Sport and Victory
Iliana – Goddess of The Sun, Beauty, Farming and Soil
Trantock – God of the Moon, Night, and The Hunt
Thurll – God of Death and the Afterlife
Mardon – God of the Sea and Fishing
Phaetra – Goddess of Luck, Fortune, Gambling and Mischief
Revelin – God of Healing, Peace, Music, Art and Crafts
Shinarra – Goddess of Love and Faith
Tallus – God of Fire, Passion, Fertility and Celebration
Treste – God of Merchants and Travelers
Zenitram – God of Knowledge, Wisdom and Magic

The Demi-Gods

There are other entities that are worshipped and appear to provide the impetus behind Spirit Magic as the gods do. These could be described as 'demi-gods', although their actual status in this world or the world of the gods is unknown.

Yersin the Plague Bearer


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