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The Kingdom of Anstarra

Anstarra is a kingdom loosely constructed of eight provinces: Aslindale, Nygaard, Sabrinn, Tolbury, Argenfeldt, Rebarteau, Rhodania and Ardeigna.


Anstarra is currently a kingdom fighting for survival:

  • To the South lies the Kingdom of Azgharad, striving for final victory in a war that has been raging for over a hundred years.

  • In the Northeast lies the dangerous Troglav, separating the province of Sabrinn from the rest of Anstarra.

  • From the interior mountains and forest threaten the evil Korrigan, a race of dishonorable savages.

  • To the North lie even greater evils: monsters so foul they have only been glimpsed in nightmares or in the last moment before death.

  • The eight provinces have a fractured and uneven history of cooperation and conflict.

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