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Game World

Anstarra is similar in many ways to Middle Earth or the world of Arthurian Legend. The world and technology are evocative of Medieval Europe, but with the addition of magic and creatures as if the superstition and folklore of that time period has been made real.


Magic exists, but is rare among commoners and imperfectly understood. There are no wizards hurling lightning bolts into battle. Instead, magic mysteriously nudges the course of fate: with charms and curses, divinations and rituals.


Events are shaped by heroes more than by armies. The Kingdom of Anstarra is largely rural, and only about the size of New England. Thus, our heroes are able to have a significant impact on the results of war and politics.

Life and Death

As in the modern world, death is a real and permanent threat in Anstarra. Inhabitants may refer to the "spirit world" in passing, or even claim they have seen a ghost. But few ever see the other side and come back to tell stories about it.

Note, however, that characters who die are allowed to keep all of the character points that they have earned, and use them to make a new a character.

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