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Character Points

Every character starts with 30 character points (and a free class kit).

Additional character points are awarded to all players and cast members attending games. One-day games award 1 character point. Weekend games award 2.

How Character Points Work

The number of character points that you can use to build your character depends only on the number that you (the player) have earned. Even if your character died at the most recent event, you never lose the experience points that you have earned through your effort.

Note that this system is unlike most other games. For example, in Dungeons and Dragons, if your character advances to 10th level and then dies, you must start over with a new character at 1st level. In Anstarra, you get to make a new character, but you also keep any character points you have earned. You can enjoy adventuring and taking risks without worrying about losing the effort you've invested.

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