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The Dragon's Return

October 12-14, 2012

Friday, 7:00 pm -
Sunday, 2:00 pm

Pomfret, CT

Base Game Fee: $95

Discounts (Cumulative)
First Time Players: $30
Students: $20

Fees For This Event
Students: $45
All Other Players: $65
NPC/Cast: Free!



Game cost ($65) includes lodging, meals and props (except those you wish to provide yourself). Student discount ($45) is available to current students or educators.

To reserve your spot, use the PayPal link on the left to send a $20 deposit.

For a $5 pre-payment discount, use the link multiple times for a $40 or $60 payment. (We apologize that the payment option is limited to $20 increments).

Thank you!

Game Check-In

Please arrive between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. If you arrive later, we will still be available to check you in, but you might not start the game with everyone else.

Costumes and Props

If you need costume help, we have many to lend. Don't sweat your costume -- Anstarra welcomes 'newbies'. Contact Dee and let her know your costume preferences. Swords, shields, magic gear, coins, potions, healing magic and more will be provided at the game for you.


The camp included cabins with mattreses (and the option to sleep in a heated building). Bring a sleeping bag or other bedding.


The game includes meals for all players and cast, plus snacks and refreshments as needed:

Friday Night

Chili with toppings bar (meat and veggie options)
Salad, Garlic bread

Saturday Breakfast

French toast bake
Eggs, bacon and/or sausage
Fresh fruit, oatmeal

Saturday Lunch

Sandwiches & snacks

Saturday Dinner

Roast turkey, mashed potato, green beans
Acorn squash halves with veggie stuffing (vegetarian)
Baked dessert

Sunday Breakfast

French toast bake
Eggs, bacon and/or sausage
Fresh fruit, oatmeal

Sunday Lunch

Leftover fiesta!

Please e-mail us if you would prefer to be an NPC (aka "cast") for this event.

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