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September 8, 2012

Saturday, Noon - 6:00
(Game start: 1:00 pm)

Ashford, CT

Please send an e-mail letting us know if you plan to attend as a PC or NPC.

The Dragon's Reign

Night had settled across Longfield Hold when a piercing scream echoed across still waters and rustling lands alike.  The frightful noise was soon followed by another, high-pitched and screeching, which tore the peaceful pre-dawn hours asunder.

Somewhere in the night, someone was dying.

Guards were dispatched, but Ranto's eye was closed and Ixbur would hear no pleas; the blackness would not be pierced.

The morning sun alit to find what the guards could not - Nathan, a newly arrived cleric of Kolnur, lay dead in a pool of flies and blood, just in front of the fish-monger's stall.   A new, freshly sharpened meat hook neatly bisected his neck as if he were one of the goods on sale.

Inside the hut the fishmonger's wife sat quietly, draped in crimson and cotton, drinking a cup of chamomile tea.  When approached, she simply smiled, sipped her tea and said, "One down - a village to go."


Welcome to Baroness Longfield’s Hold in northern Argenfeldt. Daily, weary travelers arrive saying they were "drawn" to the Hold with a feeling of urgency. Others arrive desiring land and a new start. Come and join us in the opening hours of this epic, mythic tale of ancient gods rising.

Saturday, September 8th
Noon - 6 pm
73 Old Town Road
Ashford, CT

This is a one-day afternoon game in a private 10+ acre "backyard". Please arrive between noon and 12:30 pm. If you arrive later, we will still be available to check you in, but you may miss some of the fun.

This game leads into our weekend-long event in October. However, we would love to have you as a player or NPC, even if you can't commit to the weekend game.

Costumes and Props

If you need costume help, we have many to lend. Don't sweat your costume -- Anstarra welcomes 'newbies'. Contact Dee and let her know your costume preferences. Spells, coins, loot, healing magic and more will be provided at the game for you. Weapons and shields can be provided upon request.

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