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June 16, 2012

Saturday, Noon - 6:00
(Game start: 1:00 pm)

Ashford, CT

Please send an e-mail letting us know if you plan to attend as a PC or NPC.

Your journey to Argenfeldt's northeast forest, on the outskirts of the Troglav, begins with this invitation:

Fair citizens of Anstarra, less than fair citizens of Anstarra, and those looking for a fresh start; as reward for my years of service to the Province of Argenfeldt, and actions at Vennimere, I have been awarded the title Baroness and given stewardship of the Northern Forest near the border with Nygaard.  

As most citizens know, the Northern Forests are overrun by creatures both malignant and lethal; part of my service to the Duke is to clear these northern lands I have been awarded stewardship of.  This is not without danger, however, so to those who would come to my aid I offer the following - 

- land rights, including titles within the Barony for those with merit
- knighthood or a place within the Barony's employ
- 8 ounces of minted silver

Let all who seek their own rewards hear this call.

Hail the Barony of the Northern Hills!

Hail the Kingdom of Argenfeldt!


Brenna Longfield
Baroness of the Northern Hills


Some adventurers have made the trip in hopes of securing land or simply earning a tidy sum as a hired hand. Others travel from neighboring provinces, sent as gestures of goodwill during a period of tension between the ruling families.

This is a one-day afternoon game in a private 10+ acre "backyard". Please arrive between noon and 12:30 pm. If you arrive later, we will still be available to check you in, but you may miss some of the fun.

Costumes and Props

If you need costume help, we have many to lend. Don't sweat your costume -- Anstarra welcomes 'newbies'. Contact Dee and let her know your costume preferences. Spells, coins, loot, healing magic and more will be provided at the game for you. Weapons and shields can be provided upon request.

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