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We've been involved with live role-playing games in New England since 1989. But we've noticed that the hobby hasn't grown very much in that time. As professional game designers and developers for the last 25 years, we asked computer game players and board game players why they hadn't tried live-action gaming. The #1 answer was that they felt intimidated in some way. They weren't confident in their ability to make or buy a costume or weapon. Or they felt they needed to maintain a silly accent for 48 hours. Or they couldn't understand the complex rules that you had to memorize in order to play. And they didn't want to attend a game where the other players were already way ahead of them in terms of experience and character advancement. We even found many veteran larpers who had given up the hobby because they had gotten tired of jumping out-of-character for GM descriptions or rule clarifications.

So we set out to create a system where you could make a character in five minutes and learn the rules in another five minutes. Like a game of pickup basketball, the simple rules let you become fully immersed in the game itself throughout the entire weekend.

We also wanted to encourage the fun and freeform role-playing that we enjoyed when we first started larping. So we changed the rules so that you don't lose your experience points if your character dies. You can even play as an NPC for a game and still gain the same number of character points.

This isn't our first organization of this kind. In 1993, we created Living Fiction, a California non-profit corporation that brought live role-playing to hundreds of new players, and created several spin off groups.

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