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Azgharad is a separate kingdom, across the sea from Anstarra, with notably warmer and drier weather. Residents from Azgharad are as foreign to Anstarrans as Arabians, Africans or East Asians would be residents of Medieval England.


Azgharad and Anstarra have been at war for over a hundred years. Because of the sea between the two continents, and the fractured nature of Anstarran politics, the flames of war have burnt low and slow. The most noticeable impact that Azgharad has on Anstarran residents is piracy along Anstarra's southern coast.

In Azgharad, some of the towns on the northern coast are under Anstarran control, and have been for decades. Although war has been declared between Anstarra and Azgharad, some foolhardy residents of both kingdoms still find profit in trade and travel between the kingdoms.



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