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Aslindale is often contrasted with Nygaard, the province on the other side of the mountains that shares some cultural history.

One notable difference between the Nygaard natives and those of Aslindale are the superstitions that come into play. In general, those of Aslindale believe that the spirits of their tribal ancestors watch over them (or neglect them). The beasts of the forests and foothills are seen as harbingers of omens and messages. Each village and city in Aslindale houses at least one Seer who advises the elders and young alike.

Another difference between Aslindale and Nygaard is this: Aslindale has outlawed slavery. While Nygaard has publicly denounced the trading of slaves or enslaving prisoners, authorities often turn a blind eye.


The windy hill country and northern mountains of Aslindale cast a darkness over much of the land, with shadows that stretch westward until the sun finally rises high enough to illuminate the rocky surface of the land. Still, there are crags and corners, natural arches of stone and caverns that riddle the empty underworld. Looming hill-top keeps and ancient standing stones that mark each seasons’ passing add to a proud people’s realm.

Much of the land surrounding the mountains lack large cities due to the grueling weather - the wind and cold, plus the jagged, rocky terrain which the Korrigan find easier to navigate through than most young hunters. The mountain scrub is home to Black Saddle horses. These mountaineering warhorses are raised by two prominent clans, one of which is known Anstarra-wide for their chestnut brown horses with black markings that resemble a saddle. The other clan has been raising silver grullas and sandy yellow horses all with the black saddle. Oftentimes hunting parties bring along a horse or two for both protection since they do not spook easily, and to return with the fallen animal.

The ‘Duke’ of Aslindale is known locally as the Great Chieftain with his wife fondly named “Moira the Gentle, High and Noble Daughter of Mother Sun. Where the leader of Aslindale is stubborn and detests mistakes, his wife is passive and accepting. Their children, all six of them, are in line for the throne if anything ever begot their father. The youngest, being an 18 year old traveling scholar, has no mind for politics. The eldest, at 26 years of age, has fancied herself her brother’s keeper. She keeps him busy as a tribal negotiator while she, herself, sword in hand, delivers the Great Chieftain’s laws to the villages. Trial by combat is popular among the tribal people with their beliefs lying with their ancestors’ spirits or the spirits of nature.

Each tribe, which tends to be a village of a few families, has an animal totem that is the respected guardian of that area. This is often seen in banners that fly in tournaments, or on the tabard of a town guard. The Sea Cliff Castle and surrounding city hosts a number of tournaments at the Great Chieftain’s request. Winners of these tournies sometimes are offered to join the Cliff Castle’s guard, or to take a command post in Aslindale. If an individual wins a number of times and impresses the right people, they could find themselves with permission to try to take their son or daughter’s hand in marriage. Such arrangements can end violently, but again, some have had positive results. Then again, there are always seaworthy vessels to command; Many have found their freedom from such arrangements by becoming a deckhand for a fishing boat or suddenly decided that the best way to serve their Kingdom was by serving on a warship to guard against Azgharad.



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