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The hard-working people of Argenfeldt are known for their tolerance of most cultures, generally being a realm secure in their faith of their Duchess’ strength of diplomacy and warfare strategy. The noble family has been in the ancient Keep of the Grey Storm for centuries with their leadership being passed down to the eldest child.


A council of seven advisors has always been at the ready to either compliment a strong ruler, or to make-up for a weak one. Duchess Kinoot is one who is calm and effective, cunning and fearless, and who has won the hearts and minds of the land. Justice is served in Argenfeldt with a rather strong jewel-studded fist. Monetary retribution settles all forms of crime, including murder. Each person has a value in gold, and some in precious jewels.

Culture / Economy

Family is second only to one’s loyalty to the crown. Familial succession determines who inherits land. It also determines who inherits a punishment: if Igor of Izlandorf owes gold for a crime committed and dies or disappears, a relative becomes responsible for this fee (whether or not they know him or can actually pay the price). The debt will haunt future generations, which can be quite a bother. Servitude is sometimes accepted in place of the monetary price, but such a thing is not publicly popular, nor is slavery, or duels.


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