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Known for its fortified palaces and looming Four Tower Castle, the people of Ardeigna labor to keep their borders protected. A land of invention that produces masterwork catapults and trebuchets, these proud people play just as hard as they work.


Elaborate festivals can last for days with their jousting and swordplay being the center of attention. Grand war ships are blessed by the Ruby Guard at Summer Solstice with the blood of a single sacrifice of a prisoner of war. The prisons and other methods of suppression and crime control are well-known here. Every now and again there is a public display of a deceased criminal which is left for the gulls in the main city of Pelatia. Beyond the cruelty and lawful violence, the province is known to have very little crime. Most people walk the streets, from servants to nobles, with at least a dagger on their belt without so much of a threatening look among them. Actually, they can be a welcoming people to outsiders, especially during the festivals.


The ruins of Rhodania’s swamp seem to continue in Ardeigna. Broken columns of white marble, inhuman and human bones lay half-sunken on the mud islands. The remains of a small amphitheater, coated in moss and chipped away by time continues to be a topic for traveling storytellers who wish to tell ghost stories or spin tales of ancient times.

The remaining two thirds of Ardeigna is swampland where two small hamlets lay nestled to the east of the three forked river. A scattering of small communities, one rumored to be no more than four stilted houses and twenty people, can be stumbled upon in the oppressive depths of the swamp. The natives tend to be in tight knit communities, not trusting outsiders easily. Crafts are brought to the eastern cities for trade, along with butter, blue crabs, and sugar cane. The laws of the swampland communities stray from the raw and capricious leadership found on the western coast. There are duels, and indeed, official guards from the academy are posted in the hamlets. The relaxed atmosphere and homespun trials held by a five person council behind closed doors has worked for almost fifty years. Interference is rare unless a crime involves a noble, or other city folk.

Goat Island

The western shore has been thick in tension for the past two years - after the time Goat Island was seized from Azgharad. This island which rests between the two continents remains shadowed in secrecy. The public was told the island was found to be a farming community with goats everywhere and the enemy was quick to leave after a frightful display of the Ardeignan fleet and the weapons that line the shore. Truth be told, in the hushed corners of taverns, some say that a landing party of soldiers found signs of walking spirits and hungry horned creatures, much like the Korrigan but with frightening differences. Either way, the Guardian Fortress was built in the Spring and can be seen glowing a faint shade of blue on nights with no moon.



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