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About Anstarra

ANSTARRA was conceived as "A New Sytem To Achieve Realistic Roleplaying Action". Realism means different things in different game worlds. For us, it means an immersive experience where the rules don't get in way of having a great time. Thus, the use of the word "Action": our system, our cast and are players all work together to keep things exciting and interesting for the entire game.

Anstarra, LLC runs immersive games that appeal to different demographic groups; adult-only games (17 and up) and family-friendly games (12 and up). Anstarra is a medieval fantasy world, with weapons and armor roughly appropriate to the high middle ages. We ran three events last year, and are running four more this year.

Live action gaming is a great way to get people back into nature and reconnect them with a sense of adventure and vitality. We've seen children and their parents who'd never played before find immense enjoyment and empowerment through live action gaming. It's perfect for providing that 'A-Ha!' moment.


We've been enjoying live-action games in New England since 1989. There are some great gaming groups out there, but many of them have hundreds of pages of rules that can scare away players new to live gaming.

Our goal is not only to serve the existing LARP community and experienced LARPers, but especially to provide games with "low barriers to entry" for people who've never played before. We're amassing a collection of props, boffer weapons and costumes so new players can just show up and play. We've pruned our rules system to the bare bones so people with no LARP experience can pick it up quickly and get right into the action.

And unlike other LARPs, you start with a "high-level" character, with the skills and powers you need to handle almost anything you encounter.

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