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Upcoming Events (2012)

October 12-14
The Dragon's Return
Friday 7 pm - Sunday 2 pm

(Pomfret, CT)


Wendy Gale (Crunchy)
Jon Metcalf (Hero)

Jennifer Read (Hero)
Daniel Rossi (Hero)
Jim Vincent (Hero)
Richard Willey (Hero)

"Hero" = Donor of $35+
"Crunchy" = Donor of $9+

Thanks to
for art used in our games

The Roar of Distant Dragons - Anstarra Game 2

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Anstarra is a medieval-themed live-action game system and game world. Unlike computer games or tabletop games, Anstarra players physically immerse themselves in the game world.

Events are generally conducted outside in order to provide the most immersive game experience possible. Padded weapons are used for ranged and melee combat.

Props are also used to represent other abilities (such as healing, lore, spellcasting, and lockpicking).

Our events have been described as "live role-playing", but we prefer the term "live gaming", for two reasons:

  • The phrase "role-playing" intimidates some new players. They worry that they will have to speak in an accent; or build an elaborate costume; or spend hours writing a backstory for their character.

  • "Role-playing games" (especially on computers) tend to have complex character creation and rules systems.

In contrast, Anstarra is a system where you can build a character in 5 minutes, learn the rules in another 5 minutes, and then enjoy an exciting and immersive game!

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